Bushfire Information

​​​​​​Current fire information​​​​

For information about the current fire situation always check fire.tas.gov.au​

For information about fires in national parks check the Parks and Wildlife Service park and tr​ack closures page​.

Primary producer support​

​​Where to purc​hase fodder​​

Impacts to primary producers
If you are a primary producer returning home after the bushfires, the department would like to hear from you. Any information you can provide about the impacts of the fires on your stock, produce or infrastructure will help us understand and assess the impacts of the current bushfires on the agricultural industry. Read our B​ushfire Impact Assessment flyer​.​

Tasmanian community assistance​

A range of financial assistance measures are made available to individuals and families affected by an eligible natural disaster.

DPIPWE bushfire information


Bushfires ​​on farming properties

Information and resources for primary producers about bushfire preparation and recovery.​

Livestock and dome​stic ​animal welfare during bushfires

Emergency contact numbers and links to resources about managing animal welfare issues for livestock and domestic animals as a result of bushfires. 

How our iconic natural values respond to fire

How a range of outstanding universal values that were key to the listing of our wilderness as a World Heritage Area, respond to fire, their sensitivity and their ability to recover.

Wildlife ​​and bushfires

Advice for dealing with injured or orphaned wildlife affected by bushfire.

Animals and bushfires

Information to help you include your animals in your bushfire plan and to manage your animals during and after a bushfire.​​​


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