Frequently Asked Questions


Are all vacancies advertised on the careers website?

All permanent and some fixed-term vacancies are advertised on our Jobs at NRE Tas web page and at and if appropriate, local and/or interstate newspapers and/or other relevant publications.

Where can I find out more about a career with the Tasmanian Government?

General information about working for the Tasmanian Government is available at This site also advertises vacancies available at other Tasmanian Government agencies.

How do I find out more about an advertised job?

Each advertised job provides a contact at the bottom of the advertisement for any enquires. You may contact this person with any questions you may have about the job or how to apply.

Can I submit my resume in case a suitable job becomes available?

Applications and resumes can only be accepted in response to an advertised job. However, you can register to be sent e-mail alerts as soon as jobs that match your requirements are advertised. Go to Log In on the web-site ( and click on Create New User to set up an account.

Some base-level vacancies of up to 12 months duration are recruited through Programmed Professionals and Searson Buck employment agencies who are contracted by NRE Tas. You should contact those agencies if you wish to be registered for employment. All selections are based on merit.

Can I apply for a job that is no longer advertised?

After the closing date applications generally will not be accepted. We may accept late applications if there are good reasons. The nominated contact officer for the relevant vacancy can advise further.

If I have a criminal record, can I still apply for a job at NRE Tas?

In general, any criminal history is not considered in the application process. However, there are a small number of occupational groups within NRE Tas​ (eg Biosecurity Officers) which require satisfactory pre-employment checks.  Where this applies, this will be noted in the Statement of Duties.

Citizenship and visa requirements

If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you may hold a permanent or fixed-term appointment in the State Service provided that you, at all times, hold and comply with all visa requirements as determined by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Migration Act 1958.

If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and you are permitted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to be within Australia, you must hold the appropriate visa enabling you to work in Australia at the time of applying for the vacancy. Original documents about your residency/working status must be sighted by the Chair of the selection panel, with certified copies provided to the Human Resources Management Branch.

Australia and New Zealand have reciprocal citizenship and permanent residency arrangements (providing the New Zealand citizen or permanent resident has a current New Zealand passport).​