Women on Boards

​​​​​​​​Women on Tasmanian Boards​ and ​​Committees

The Tasmanian Government is committed to increasing diversity and the representation of women on Tasmanian Government boards and committees.

The Women on Boards Strategy 2020-2025: Continuing our progress, builds upon the progress made under the Women on Boards Strategy 2015-2020, with a refreshed set of actions to deliver the target of 50 per cent representation of women across Government boards and committees.

 Women on Boards Strategy 2020-25 - Continuing our progress  (PDF 10Mb)

​The Strategy includes practical actions across four focus areas:​

  • strengthen pathways

  • create contemporary systems and processes

  • influence change

  • monitor equity.

​NRE Tas has a large number of boards and applies the actions set out in the Strategy to promote women for membership as new appointments are made.​ 

Principles for appoi​​ntme​​​​nt of members

It is important th​​at the selection and appointment process is consistent with the following principles:

  • Compe​​tency
    ​Selection is based on skill sets that meet the needs of Government business to enable the business to function efficiently and effectively in accordance with its objectives

  • Stakehold​​er engagem​​ent
    The Government business is involved in the process to ensure that new appointees add value to the business

  • Transp​arency
    The process is clear and easy to understand

  • Consistency
    The selection and appointment process is applied consistently for all board appointments

  • Timeliness
    Appointments are made and announced in a timely manner

  • Diversity
    The process recognises the importance of diversity in board membership, and the need to maintain a constant, ongoing pool of qualified candidates.

Board selection c​​​hecklist fo​r applicants

A Board and Com​​mittee Appointment Checklist is available for anyone going through a selection process that provides an overview of process requirements and confirms you have considered all required guidelines and criteria. 

Documents and res​​our​​​ces

​​​Government Board Appointments Gender Equ​​ity ​​Guidelines​​

Guidelines​ for Tasmanian Government Businesses - Board Appointments​

Registra​​tion of Interest Form - Tasmanian Government Busi​​ness Directors​​​​