COVID-19 Financial Arrangements

​Financial hardship arrangement​s during COVID-19​​​

We recognise that many of our agency’s industry sectors and customers are experiencing financial hardship due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have implemented a financial hardship process for this period.

Financial hardship is deemed to be when the customer is willing and has the intention to pay but is unable to meet their payment obligations on current or existing debt, due to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

If you wish to seek full or part waivers or refunds of fees and charges, on the grounds of financial hardship, please forward an application:

  • Made in writing (preferably email correspondence via the form below), addressed to the relevant area where the ​invoice/debt was originally raised;

  • Detailing the assistance you are seeking from NRE Tas;

  • With documentation and evidence to support your application; and

  • With details to assist us in identifying you, including business or trading name and postal address.

​Applications are to be emailed:​

  • Directly to the area where the invoice/debt was originally raised; or

  • To​, with financial hardship application clearly identified in the email header.

​We will endeavour to assess each individual application as soon as practicable. ​Through the process we may need to clarify or request further supporting documentation.

  Financial Hardship Application Form   (1Mb)

Our payment terms

The Government understands that COVID-19 is creating uncertainty and financial pressure for our suppliers. We want to help. Our payment terms have been reduced from 30 days to 14 days for the payment of all correctly rendered invoices.

To ensure your invoice is processed efficiently, send a correctly rendered tax invoice to  ​

Please include the Department section name and contact name of the person making the purchase.