Governance Policies, Legislation and Reviews

​​​​​​Details the policies and legislation that govern the Department's activities and undertakings.

In this Topic

  • Accessibility
    We are committed to improving our online information and experiences so that they are more useful, usable and accessible for everyone.
  • Right to Information
    Information about the Right to Information Act 2009 and how to make an application under the Act.
  • RTI Disclosure Log
    Recent Right to Information Requests actioned by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania.
  • Personal Information Protection Policy
    The Deparment has policies regulating the collection, use and storage of personal information.
  • Legislation
    The legislation for which the Department is responsible is outlined within the Administrative Arrangements Order 2020.
  • Complaints
    Process for making a complaint to NRE Tas.
  • Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedures
    This policy and procedures document guides the way we interact with the community and industry when undertaking compliance and enforcement activities.
  • Body Worn Camera
    Information on the use of Body Worn Camera devices and recorded data by the Department.
  • Public Interest Disclosures
    Facilitate the making of disclosures about the improper conduct of public officers or public bodies