Making a Complaint to NRE Tas - For External Persons

​​​​​​​​Our commitment 

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) is committed to effective complaints management.

All complaints made by persons external to the Department will be dealt with in a responsive, confidential and fair manner, and will be managed in accordance with our external complaints handling policy.

The Department values the privacy of every individual’s personal information and is committed to protecting any information we collect and use by compliance with the obligations provided under the Personal Information Protection Act 2004. It is important to note that, for NRE Tas to appropriately address complaints, it may be necessary for those handling the complaint to contact others to seek and clarify information.

​​​Resolving your complaint

Once we have your complaint we will work with you to resolve it.  

The Department has a three-tier approach to complaint management, designed to lead to the effective resolution of complaints at the earliest opportunity.  ​

Image describing NRE Tas' complaints management process

The three-tiered approach is summarised below:

​Stage 1: Early Resolution

Where misunderstandings occur, or the complaint can be resolved right away, this is the Department’s goal. A complaint must first be made, verbally or in writing, so we understand what the issues are. Front line staff or a Manager should always try to resolve a complaint before it escalates. A complaint can be made by emailing to​ or online at ​

​​Stage 2: Internal Review

Where a complaint is formally made a Complaints Manager Officer, from the Strategic Projects and Policy business unit, will make an independent and objective internal review of the issues. This will happen where front-line staff are not able to resolve the issues, or the complainant requests a review occurs independently from the business unit involved. The review will make recommendations which an appropriate senior manager will sign off on, and the complainant will be notified of the outcome of the internal review.

​​Stage 3: External Review

​Where a complainant is not satisfied with the response received from the Department they may request an external review. The Ombudsman Tasmania can be contacted through their webpage or by phone 1800 001 170​.​​

​​What if I need assistance to make a complaint?

​The Department is committed to providing all reasonable assistance to those who need help to effectively communicate in relation to a complaint. Assistance may include, for example, access to an interpreter service or agreement to a personal interview during which the details of your complaint can be written down on your behalf. More information can be found on the accessibility​ page on our website.

​What complaints are covered?

The Department considers an ‘external complaint’ to be:

“A formal expression of dissatisfaction with an action taken, decision made or service provided by the Department, or a delay or failure in providing a service, taking an action, or making a decision, which has been lodged with the Department, where a response is expected”.

The following will not be treated as a complaint under this process:

  • General commentary on the Department’s performance or feedback on improving a service.
  • Website functionality or content feedback ​
  • Internal staff grievances.  
  • State Service Code of Conduct matters.
  • A request for a review or appeal under legislation (where a formal review process already exists).
  • Public interest disclosures. 
  • Right to information applications.
  • Requests for a service or a request for information.

​​How to make a complaint:

Complaints can be made using the following methods:


Written com​plaints

To make a complaint in writing, you can download and complete the online complaint form or use it as a guide for writing to us.

  External Complaint Form   (98Kb) 

Return your written complaint to us marked “complaint” at:

​NRE Tasmania – Policy Unit
GPO Box 44
Hobart Tasmania 7001

Or via email at:​​


Complaints Enquiries

GPO Box 44,
Hobart, TAS, 7001.