NRE Tas Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedures

​​​​Compliance and enforcement are critical components of the diverse work that NRE Tas undertakes.

NRE Tas​​​​ is responsible for the implementation of almost 100 pieces of primary legislation. This means our work in delivering compliance and enforcement is broad and includes: 

  • conducting audits for food safety

  • issuing permits for browsing wildlife management

  • issuing leases and licences for Crown land

  • issuing infringement notices for littering

  • preparing files to support court prosecutions (for example under Aboriginal heritage legislation)

It’s important that we are consistent in how we apply the law. The NRE Tas Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedures document comprises a principles-based policy and a procedure that guides all Divisions in the approach used to interact with the community and industry.

  Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedures   (1Mb)

The Policy: 

  • sets out the objectives by which we undertake our compliance and enforcement activities 

  • is based on principles of effective community engagement and of accountability

  • describes the Department’s risk-based approach to the allocation of resources

  • directs us to strive to ensure we effectively manage information and that we have the capacity and appropriate training required to deliver our responsibilities

It also includes the key consideration that we will ensure that information is readily available to the community so they can voluntarily meet their compliance obligations.

The Procedure describes: 

  • how staff will be supported to undertake compliance and enforcement

  • how we respond to non-compliance

  • the types of enforcement actions that we may take

The NRE Tas Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedures were developed by the Policy Branch with assistance from an Agency-wide Working Group.

It will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.