Fee Units

​​​​​​​Government fees are included in legislation mostly as fee units rather than dollar amounts. 

Fee units are used to determine the amount payable in dollar amounts for legislated fees, such as licences, application fees, etc.

For 1 July 2024 – 30 June 2025, the value of one fee unit is $1.87 (previous year the value was $1.78)

The fee unit value is updated annually, based on the change in the Hobart Consumer Price Index (CPI) and any adjustment factor determined by the Treasurer.

More information on the fee unit process is available on the Department of Treasury and Finance website.

Fee Unit Schedule

​The following schedule shows the fees that will apply from 1 July 2024 in dollars (exclusive of GST) based on the fee unit process.

 Fee Unit Schedule 2024-2025 (PDF 176Kb)​