Right to Information Disclosure Log

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Certain information released in response to Right to Information requests will be published online within 48 hours of being released to the applicant.

This approach makes information released to an applicant available to a wider audience and increases Government transparency and accountability.

Applicants should note that:

  • if they seek and are granted a waiver of the application fee on the basis of general public interest, and it is determined that the information is in the broader public interest, publication of the released information is likely.

  • their identity will not be published. The category of the applicant will be published, i.e. Member of Parliament, media representative, a private individual.

  • a summary of the application will be published. This gives context to the nature of the released information.

  • only information that is considered to be in the broader public interest will be published. No personal information will be published.

  • information of a commercial or confidential nature will not be published.

If you are seeking information published on the Right to Information Disclosure Log in 2015-16 or 2016-2017, please ​email right2info@nre.tas.gov.au​.

RTI Decisions 2023/2024​

RTI reference number 

Information published (most recent at the top)

​Summary of information applied for under the RTI Act

​Category of applicant

​Release date

​RTI 029

 NRE RTI 029 - 2023-24 (PDF 3Mb)​

​Project documents for Maria Island Rediscovered - stage 3 and Freycinet New Visitor Gateway
Member of Parliament​
​RTI 028

 NRE RTI 028 - 2023-24 - Part A (PDF 4Mb)

 NRE RTI 028 - 2023-24 - Part B (PDF 1Mb)

​ORI Interactions re workers compensation insurance and licencing requirements for racing industry participants  
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 027

 NRE RTI 027 - 20​23-24 (PDF 2Mb)

​Interactions between ORI and Tasmania Police
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 024

 NRE RTI 024 - 2​023-24 (PDF 6Mb)

​New CEO of the Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishermen's Association
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 017

 NRE RTI 017 - 2023-24 (PDF 945Kb)

​Salmon company matters
​RTI 022

 NRE RTI 022 - 2023-24 - Pt 1 (PDF 11Mb)​

 NRE RTI 022 - 2023-24 - Pt 2 (PDF 7Mb)

​Submissions received and report into 2012 changes to the Macquarie Harbour Marine Farming Development Plan
​RTI 015

 NRE RTI 015 - 2023-24 (PDF 20Mb)

​Correspondence related to the Cradle Basecamp Experience EOI
Member of Parliament​31/10/23​
​RTI 019

 NRE RTI 019 - 2023-24 (PDF 666Kb)​

Documents on the racing related car crash in January 2023
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 013

 NRE RTI 013 - 2023-24 (PDF 3Mb)

Correspondence related to the Walls of Jerusalem Lodge Walk EOI
Member of Parliament
​RTI 011

 NRE RTI 011 - 2023-24 - Pt 1 (PDF 89Mb)

 NRE RTI 011 - 2023-24 - Pt 2 (PDF 32Mb)

 NRE RTI 011 - 2023-24 - Pt 3 (PDF 32Mb)

​Correspondence related to Nietta Hydro 
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 007

 NRE RTI 007 ​- 2023-24 (PDF 707Kb)

​Investigation into Greyhound Adoption Program matters
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 002

 NRE RTI 002 - 2023-24 (PDF 14Mb)​

Procurement of land for the Brighton High School
​Media representative
​RTI 004

 NRE RTI 004 - 2023-24 (PDF 11Mb)​

​Grants of Authority for water takes and helicopter flights since 2015
Member of Parliament​
​RTI 006

 NRE RTI 006 - 2023-24 (PDF 638Kb)

Departmental expenditure for 2022-23 and current FTE numbers for casual and fixed term employees​
​Member of Parliament

​RTI 001

NRE RTI ​001 - 2023-24 (PDF 729Kb)

24 thoroughbred horses euthanised in 2022-23
Member of Parliament

RTIs for the Minister for Environment ​

​​RTI reference number
​Information published (most recent at the top)
​Summary of information applied for under the RTI Act
​Category of applicant
​Release date

RTI​s considered by Ombudsman's Office

​Category of Applicant

​RTI Reference Number
​Summary of Information
​Information Published
RTI 034/2019-20
Venture Minerals Riley Creek Mine - Roadkill Management

 RTI 034 - 2019-20 v2023 (PDF 45Mb)

Active ​​Disclosures

Category of Applicant
​Summary of Information
​Information Published
Property Protection Permit reporting

 Property Protection Permit data (PDF 127Kb)


Freycinet Experience leases/licences

 Freycinet Experience - Business Licence (PDF 7Mb)

 Freycinet Experience - Standing Camp Licence (PDF 7Mb)


Right to Information Program Manager

GPO Box 44,
Hobart, TAS, 7001.