Right to Information Disclosure Log

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Certain information released in response to Right to Information requests will be published online within 48 hours of being released to the applicant.

This approach makes information released to an applicant available to a wider audience and increases Government transparency and accountability.

Applicants should note that:

  • if they seek and are granted a waiver of the application fee on the basis of general public interest, and it is determined that the information is in the broader public interest, publication of the released information is likely.
  • their identity will not be published. The category of the applicant will be published, i.e. Member of Parliament, media representative, a private individual.
  • a summary of the application will be published. This gives context to the nature of the released information.
  • only information that is considered to be in the broader public interest will be published. No personal information will be published.
  • information of a commercial or confidential nature will not be published.
If you are seeking information published on the Right to Information Disclosure Log in 2015-16 or 2016-2017, please ​email right2info@nre.tas.gov.au​.

RTI Decisions 2022/2023

RTI reference number 
Information published (most recent at the top)

​Summary of information applied for under the RTI Act
​Category of applicant
​Release date
​RTI 054

 NRE RTI 054 - 2022-23 (PDF 1Mb)

 NRE RTI 054 - Acti​ve Disclosure (PDF 3Mb)

​Racing greyhounds injured or euthanised in 2022
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 052

 NRE RTI 052 - 2022-23 (PDF 3Mb)​

​Industry access to 'FPPF' land
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 050

 NRE RTI 050 - 2022-23 (PDF 20Mb)​

​Sale of Crown land in Binalong Bay
Member of Parliament​28/02/23​
​RTI 051

 NRE RTI 051 - 2022-23 (PDF 19Mb)​

​Burns Bay carpark 
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 049

 NRE RTI 049 - 2022-23 (PDF 34Mb)​

​Binalong Bay foreshore area issues
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 042

 NRE RTI 042 - 2022-23 (PDF 617Kb)​

​Departmental expenditure and vacancies for the current calendar year​
Member of Parliament​​23/12/22
​RTI 038

 NRE RTI 038 - 2022-23 (PDF 119Mb)

Correspondence on the Maria Island Management Plan
​Member of the public
​RTI 013

 NRE RTI ​013 - 2022-23 (PDF 19Mb)

​Adequacy and suitability of Wedge-Tailed Eagle nest buffers in relation to wind farm turbines
​Member of the public
​RTI 040​

 NRE RTI 040 - 2022-23 (PDF 4Mb)

​Licences held by Trek Tours in the TWWHA
Member of the public​​12/12/22
​RTI 026

 NRE RTI 026 - 2022-23 (PDF 28Mb)​

​Swift parrot management
​RTI 027

 NRE RTI 027 - 2022-23 (PDF 6Mb)

​Advice on specified forestry coupes
​RTI 014

 NRE RTI 014 - 2022-23 (PDF 10Mb)

​Information relating to Wedge-Tailed Eagle nest management prescriptions for wind farms
​Member of the public

​RTI 019

 NRE RTI 019 - 2022-23 (Forestry) (PDF 104Mb)

 NRE RTI 019 - 2022-23 (Environment) (PDF 27Mb)

​Information relating to the Swift Parrot Recovery Plan
​Member of Parliament

​RTI 034

 NRE RTI 034 - 2022-23 (PDF 2Mb)

​Status of greyhound Nitro Ash
Member of Parliament​​08/11/22
​RTI 020

 NRE RTI 020 - 2022-23 (PDF 62Mb)​

​Crown land for the Robbins Island Wind Park
​Member of Parliament
​RTI 022

 NRE RTI 02​2 - 2022-23 (PDF 5Mb)

​Information relating to approval and/or environmental assessment of the Hawley Beach shared pathway proposal
​RTI 015

 NRE RTI 015 - 2022-23 (PDF 838Kb)​

​Crop protection/ Property protection data
​RTI 004

 NRE RTI 004 - 2022-23 (PDF 16Mb)​

​Environmental monitoring since 2018
​RTI 005

 NRE ​RTI 005 - 2022-23 (PDF 37Mb)

​Correspondence relating to a bridge installed over the North Esk river
​Media representative
RTI 009

 NRE RTI 009 - 2022-23 (PDF 614Kb)​

Annual use of Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080)

RTIs for the Minister for Environment ​

​​RTI reference number
​Information published (most recent at the top)
​Summary of information applied for under the RTI Act
​Category of applicant
​Release date
​MIN RTI 007 

 MIN RTI 007 - 2021 - 2022 (PDF 30Mb)​

​Correspondence on windfarm at Whaleback Ridge
​Member of Parliament

RTI​s considered by Ombudsman's Office

​Category of Applicant

​RTI Reference Number
​Summary of Information
​Information Published

Active ​​Disclosures

Category of Applicant
​Summary of Information
​Information Published
​Wildlife interaction data reported by the salmonid aquaculture industry, July to December 2022

 Wildlife interaction data reported by the salmonid aquaculture industry, July to December 2022 (PDF 448Kb)

​Media representative
​Seal deterrent training materials

These training materials are used by the Department to deliver seal deterrent and seal trapping training to salmonid aquaculture staff. Training sessions cover a range of topics including seal biology and behaviour, minimising interactions, relevant legislation, minimum infrastructure requirements, deterrent device and trapping processes and reporting requirements. Materials used for training include a PowerPoint presentation, handouts and sample documents, such as permits and return logs.

 Seal deterrent tra​ining materials (PDF 23Mb)

 Training Deterrent Usage Log (XLSX 28Kb)

 Training Wildlife Interactions Log (XLSX 30Kb)


​Halls Island - Application for Certificate of Exemption; Certificate of Exemption

 Halls Island - Exemption Application - Sept 2022 (PDF 533Kb)

 Halls Island - Exemption Certificate - Sept 2022 (PDF 134Kb)


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