Independent racing investigation

​​​​​The Government has announced an independent review into matters of alleged team driving and/or race fixing, and animal welfare concerns relating to the harness racing industry.

Probity and integrity are critically important in the harness racing industry and confidence in the industry is essential.

Racing and national integrity expert, Ray Murrihy will undertake the investigation.​

Please note: submissions closed on 2 May 2023 at 5pm.

​When can I make a submission?

Submissions opened on Tuesday 4 April 2023 and closed at 5pm, Tuesday 2 May 2023.

Submissions will be directed to the independent investigator, Mr Ray Murrihy.

No submission will be provided to or accessible by the Office of Racing Integrity, unless the matters fall outside the scope of this investigation or at any time that the investigator determines that the submissions are to be made public (refer below for what information will be made public).

How do I provide information or speak to the Investigator Mr Murrihy privately or confidentially?

If you wish to speak directly with Mr Murrihy, then please email​ with your name and phone number and include “Confidential" in the email title.

Alternatively, please post the material to the postal address, with the envelope and contents marked “Confidential".

If you provide a contact phone number email address or address, it will not be made public.

If you would like to make an anonymous submission, please send your submission, marked “Confidential" to the above address.​

​Will submissions be made public?

The Right to Information Act 2009 and confidentiality

Information provided to the Government may be provided to an applicant under the provisions of the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI). If you have indicated that you wish all or part of your submission to be treated as confidential, your statement detailing the reasons may be taken into account in determining whether or not to release the information in the event of an RTI application for assessed disclosure. You may also be contacted to provide any further comment.

If you would like your submission treated as confidential, whether in whole or in part, please indicate this in writing at the time of making your submission clearly identifying the parts of your submission you want to remain confidential and the reasons why. In this case, your submission will not be published to the extent of that request, subject to review under the Act.

Your name (or the name of the organisation) will be published unless you request otherwise.

In the absence of a clear indication that a submission is intended to be treated as confidential (or parts of the submission), the Department will treat the submission as public.

Submissions that are provided anonymously should avoid any content that enables the author or source to be identified.

​What other information will be made public?

Defamatory or offensive material will not be published.       

I have information about the racing industry that is outside the scope of this investigation, how do I report this?

There are a number of avenues to make a report which include:

The Office of Racing Integrity for all racing matters (harness, greyhound, racing):

NRE Tas complaints if the matter relates to the Office of Racing Integrity:

RSPCA for animal welfare including greyhound live baiting via this form:​


The review is planned to be completed by 30 June 2023.

The Terms of Reference are available for those who wish to make a submission.​