Additional drought support for Tasmanian farmers

We acknowledge conditions have particularly impacted King Island farmers, with the situation developing further over the last few weeks, and modelling indicating the seasonal outlook may not improve for some areas. 

There is a range of support and other resources available to King and Flinders Island primary producers, as well as those on mainland Tasmania, who have been impacted by dry and drought conditions.

Funding is available through assistance payments of up to $20,000 to eligible farmers on King and Flinders Islands who are experiencing hardship as a result of extended dry conditions. 

For other Tasmanian livestock producers, a one-off payment is available of up to $5,000 to eligible farm businesses under the Mainland Tasmania - Livestock producers - Seasonal Conditions Scheme.

There is also a range of other schemes and support programs available for eligible producers.

For more infor​mation for King and Flinders island farmers impacted by dry and drought conditions please visit our ​dedicated webpage.

You can also visit our hardship and other support webpage​ for more information.