Angler catches $2000 tagged trout on the River Derwent

​​Michael, Lucy and Liam Deppeler with the tagged trout

Michael, Lucy and Liam Deppeler with the tagged trout

​​​​​One lucky angler started off the opening of the Brown Trout Season 2021-22 with a bang, catching the first of 50 tagged brown trout, worth $2000 each. 

Michael Deppeler, from Brighton in the south of the state, was fishing in the River Derwent near Boyer with his children Lucy, 9, and five-year-old Liam on Sunday afternoon. They were trolling lures from their boat when they caught the tagged fish.

“We don’t normally troll but I had a barbeque on board and was sizzling some sausages when my daughter Lucy shouted ‘fish on!’,” Michael said. 

“I saw from the bend it looked like a good fish, so I grabbed the rod from her to make sure we got it to the boat and Liam had the net. 

“As it neared the boat Lucy spotted a tag, and as I knew about the cash prizes for tagged fish I was pretty excited and grabbed the net from Liam to make sure we got it aboard. 

“We read the tag and it confirmed we were winners. The kids were also excited. Lucy asked for a $20 cut for each of them which I thought was pretty cheap but once she thought about it she upped her request to $50 each.” 

Being an avid angler, with a “whole room devoted to fishing gear” at home, Michael intends to spend his winnings on more fishing gear. 

Lucy and Liam, who also love fishing, hope the new gear will catch another tagged trout.

“There’s two more in the Derwent, so you never know,” Michael said. 

Fifty tagged brown trout have been released into 15 waters around Tasmania, with each worth $2000 to the angler who returns the tagged fish to the Inland Fisheries Service as part of the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion.​

Last year, five tagged trout worth $10,000 were released and one was caught. ​