Bee import restrictions

​​ ​​Biosecurity Tasmania is u​rging Tasmanian beekeepers to remain vigilant for signs of varroa mite following recent detections of the pest in New South Wales. 

Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) is a parasite that affects European honey bees. 

Biosecurity Tasmania has increased surveillance and inspection activities at Tasmania's points of entry and has put in place an Emergency Biosecurity Direction to further prevent the introduction of this honeybee parasite into Tasmania.

The Direction prohibits the import into Tasmania of any European honeybees (including queen bees) and various apiary products (including beekeeping equipment) into Tasmania.

This Direction came into effect from 5 pm on Wednesday 6 July 2022 and will remain in place for 6 months, unless it is revoked earlier. 

See more information on the Emergency Biosecurity Direction.

For further information, see Bee Biosecurity.

​​cllose up of European honey bee with varroa mite on back​​