​​​​BeeTAS is here!

Biosecurity Tasmania has implemented a new online portal to assist beekeepers with managing their registrations. The new online portal will allow beekeepers to: 

• log in to register or renew their registration 

• view and maintain apiary site information

• record inspection details, hive purchases, disposals, and hive movements

• upload training certification and laboratory results

BeeTAS will greatly increase Biosecurity Tasmania’s emergency preparedness and ability to respond to exotic honeybee pests and diseases. The easy-to-use BeeTAS system will also enhance Biosecurity Tasmania’s ability to efficiently share information with registered Tasmanian beekeepers.

We all have a role to play in helping to protect Tasmania from the harmful impact of pests and diseases, including potential threats to our beekeeping industries.

If you have registered as a beekeeper in Tasmania since December 2022, your information will be automatically carried across to BeeTAS and you will be able to log into BeeTAS using the email you provided when you first registered. If you have not re-registered since December 2022, you can do so now with BeeTAS! Read more about the online portal.​