Environmental Standards for Marine Finfish Farming released

​​​​​The Environmental Standards for Tasmanian Marine Finfish Farming 2023 (the Environmental Standards) are now in force.

The Environmental Standards provide a world leading environmental regulatory framework and strengthens an already robust environmental regulatory system. The Environmental Standards are one of a set of aquaculture standards committed to in the Tasmanian Salmon Industry Plan, which are designed to enhance regulation and management of the marine finfish farming industry in Tasmania.

The Environmental Standards consolidate existing and new environmental monitoring and regulatory requirements. They will be supported by Technical Standards and environmental licence conditions developed by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA)​ Director and will be publicly accessible.

Some examples of what is included in the Environment Standards are consistent, transparent regulations for the finfish farming industry and increased regulation of noise and light emissions, as well as protection for reef and seagrass habitats.

The aim of the Environmental Standards is to protect and maintain environmental values and conserve the areas in which marine finfish farming leases are located. ​​

The Environmental Standards for Tasmanian Marine Finfish Farming 2023 are available on the Environmental Standards webpage


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