Find native garden inspiration at the RTBG


A section of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens has been transformed into an immersive experience through communities of Tasmanian flora. 
a beautriful new immersive walkway through native Tasmanian species

Photo: Image courtesy Leesa Butler, RTBG

Following the loss of trees in a storm in May 2018 which caused major damage to the Tasmanian Collection, a large space through the centre of the display offered an opportunity for redevelopment. 

With carefully selected plantings and contemporary, stylised interpretations, the Gardens has created a space for sharing knowledge. It is also hoped that visitors will be inspired by the use of ornamental trellising and pruning of the natives, and be encouraged to us more Tasmanian plants in their own gardens.

The new boardwalk through the Tasmanian Collection, also adds another dimension to the garden experience, allowing visitors to take in another perspective of the wider gardens.

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