Have your say on Draft Container Refund Scheme Regulations

​​​Members of the public are invited to have their say on the Draft Container Refund Scheme Regulations 2023.

When the Container Refund Scheme, known as Recycle Rewards, begins people will get 10 cents for each eligible, empty drink container they take to a designated refund point. 

The scheme aims to reduce litter and increase recycling while supporting the transition to a circular economy.

The draft regulations have been developed to provide operational detail around the Container Refund Scheme Act 2022 including: 

  • which beverage containers won’t be covered by the scheme when it commences (such as unflavoured milk, wine and spirits);

  • the 10 cents per container refund amount;

  • technical details for barcodes and refund messages to be included on beverage labels; and

  • circumstances where a refund is not payable (such as where a container is broken or contaminated).

The draft regulations are consistent with national efforts to harmonise container types, refund amounts, labelling and education, providing consistency for beverage producers and simplifying schemes for consumers.  

Consultation on the Tasmanian draft regulations closes on 14 June 2023 . 

To read the explanatory paper and the draft regulations, and for information about how to make a submission click here.