Know your Biosecurity Basics

Biosecurity Tasmania is urging visitors, and all Tasmanians returning home, to be extra cautious this summer season for potential biosecurity risks you may bring with you, and to remember the Biosecurity Basics.

Biosecurity Tasmania General Manager Rae Burrows said the Biosecurity Basics were an important tool everyone should be mindful of.

“The Biosecurity Basics are: come in clean, check your bags, stay on the path, and report anything unusual,” she said.

“They are simple, yet practical steps we can all follow to help protect Tasmania from the negative impacts of pests, weeds and diseases.”

“When you are preparing to travel to Tasmania, take a few extra minutes to make sure you are not bringing in fruit and vegetables, certain animal and seafood products as well as plants, soil and seeds. Many pests and diseases can hitchhike their way into Tasmania inside an item in your luggage, or on clothing and equipment that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned.”

Taking these simple biosecurity actions can help protect Tasmania’s well-deserved reputation for producing some of the world’s best produce, as well as preserving our unique environment that is free from many of the pests and diseases that are found interstate or overseas.

We all have a role to play in protecting the state and reducing biosecurity risks.

To find out more about the Biosecurity Basics vist our Biosecurity Basics​ page or you can view our Biosecurity Basics video series on Youtube.