Protect Tasmanian devils by slowing down between dusk and dawn

​​A new social media campaign aimed at reducing the number of Tasmanian devils killed by vehicles in the Woolnorth region is underway. 

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE TAS) has joined forces with the Tasmanian Government, Circular Head Council, Cradle Coast Authority, and other key stakeholders and industries to encourage drivers to slow down in the area. 

The multi-faceted campaign follows an increase in the number of Tasmanian devils reported killed on roads in the Woolnorth region.

Monitoring has found Woolnorth supports one of the highest densities of Tasmanian devils in the state and is one of the last regions not impacted by Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), which has caused significant declines in other regional devil populations in Tasmania.

The most effective method to reduce roadkill is driver awareness and slowing down between dusk and dawn, which will be the focus if the campaign. 

Circular Head Council has installed 260 virtual fencing devices which may assist by deterring wildlife from the road in the presence of approaching vehicles. The Tasmanian Government has also funded signage which has been installed at identified “hot spot” locations to alert drivers to the risk and encourage them to slow down. 

These initiatives will complement this campaign, and other actions to help the devil population in the Woolnorth area be as resilient as possible to the impacts of DFTD.