Record-breaking number of Orange-bellied Parrots fly to Melaleuca

​​The Orange-bellied Parrot Tasmanian Program is pleased to confirm that the final census of birds to have returned to Melaleuca in 2023 is 81!

Out of the 81 returned birds, 24 were wild born and 6 were captive-bred juveniles from last season. The data also reveals that 50 of the birds are male and 31 are female.

This is an increase to last year’s figure of 77, and more than quadruples the figures from 2018.

Over the past five years, the census figures have been 20 in 2018, 23 in 2019, 51 in 2020, 70 in 2021, 77 in 2022 and now 81 in 2023.

This new census record and the steady increase of returns for Orange-bellied Parrots in the wild is a testament to the incredible, hard work and dedication by the Orange-bellied Parrot Recovery Team, partner organisations, staff, and volunteers. 

So far this season, the Orange-bellied Parrot Tasmanian Program staff have released 19 captive-bred birds and early nest inspections suggest a promising beginning to the breeding season.   

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