Recycling Grants provide funding for the Tasmanian Recycling Industry

​​In December 2020 businesses in Tasmania were encouraged to bring forward new ideas and new technologies to tackle Australia’s growing plastic waste challenge. 

They were invited to apply for a grant from the Recycling Modernisation Fund (Plastics) Grants Program. Jointly funded by the Tasmanian and Australian Governments, the program will provide $11 million over 4 years for investment into Tasmania’s recycling industry.

Of the 9 applications received the following 3 Tasmanian businesses were selected:
  • Timberlink Wood Plastic Composite manufacturing facility
  • Environex multi-material recycling facility
  • Mitchell Plastic Welding Integrated mixed plastic recycling and manufacturing facility
Details about each business, and how much funding they were awarded are available on the Resource Recovery Webpage.

The Recycling Modernisation Fund is being funded by the Australian Federal, State, and Territory governments to provide capital investment support for Australian industrial and recycling industries to help build processing capacity and provide market opportunities for recycled products.

With the implementation of a ban on the export of certain waste products, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed that Australia should build its capacity to generate high value, recycled commodities and associated demand. The grants are instrumental in making this happen.​

Plastics factory machinery