Roadkill reporting encouraged this summer holiday season

​​To help reduce wildlife roadkill on Tasmanian roads, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) is encouraging road users to slow down, take extra care and continue to use the Tasmanian Roadkill Reporter app. 

The app has now been active for a year, with data providing important insights for road owners and managers to help reduce roadkill in the state.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania Acting Program Manager for the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, Sam Fox, said over the past year almost 5000 animals had been reported using the app. “Out of the 4705 animals that had been reported using the Tasmanian Roadkill Reporter, more than half of them were pademelons and Bennett’s wallabies,” she said.

“The most common species reported through the app were pademelons, wallabies, brush-tailed possum, Tasmanian devils and common wombats. With summer now upon us, it is more important than ever to slow down on our roads between dusk and dawn and be cautious of wildlife."

“Our roads are busier this time of year as it is our peak visitation period, and the warmer months are also when we more commonly see young wildlife, including juvenile devils out and about. Importantly, we would like to encourage road users to continue to report roadkill on the app which can record a range of native and feral species. It also allows users to note diseases on Tasmanian devils and wombats."

“The more data we have the greater insights there are to help identify ways to reduce roadkill and protect our wildlife.”

The Tasmanian Roadkill Reporter app should only be used when safe to do so. It is illegal to touch your mobile phone while driving or waiting at traffic lights. 

More information and to download the Tasmanian Roadkill Reporter app