Small hive beetle detected in guard hive

​​​​​​Biosecurity Tasmania has detected a single small hive beetle in a Tasmanian guard hive in the Devonport area. 

Tasmania’s Chief Plant Protection Officer, Andrew Bishop, has declared a General Biosecurity Direction, establishing a 15km Bee Movement Restriction Area around the detection site and restricting the movement of bees and bee products within, into and out of the zone.

Biosecurity Tasmania has enacted emergency management protocols including extensive hive and site inspection within the Restricted Area.

In its larvae stage, small hive beetles burrow into beehives consuming brood, pollen and honey, which can significantly damage the hive population and honey production. 

This detection does not mean that small hive beetle is established in Tasmania and at this point there has been no further detections beyond the single guard hive. T​his demonstrates Tasmania’s biosecurity system is working​.

These restrictions do not affect honey movement and sales provided it has been filtered to a maximum 2mm pore size.

Beekeepers can click here for more information. ​​

Tasmanian beekeepers should remain vigilant in closely monitoring their colonies for any signs of the beetle. Anything suspicious should be reported to Biosecurity Tasmania on 6165 3777. 

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See Current Biosecurity Alertsto view the General Biosecurity Direction and Group Permit.