Waste tyre reprocessing grant awarded

​​Tyrecycle Pty Ltd are the successful applicants of a grant to help find sustainable uses for end-of-life tyres in Tasmania. 

$1.27 million was awarded to Tyrecycle Pty Ltd as part of the $3 million Waste Tyre Reprocessing Grant Program.

The funds will be used to upgrade Tyrecycle’s Barwick’s Bridgewater tyre shredding facility to add a new waste tyre chipper. 

End-of-life tyres collected from around Tasmania will be pre-processed using the existing shredder at the site, and then manufactured into fuel chips using the chipper.

Fuel derived from tyres can be used as a replacement fuel for coal in cement kilns and for other industrial processes.

Tyrecycle has extensive experience in providing tyre derived fuel to industry across the world. 

The new waste tyre chipper will enable production and use of tyre derived fuel in Tasmania.

Due to the high energy content of tyres, when tyre derived fuel is used in place of coal it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 30 per cent. 

This would help reduce the state’s carbon emissions and provide a more sustainable use for the 650,000 end-of-life car tyres collected each year in Tasmania.

The use of this fuel in any Tasmanian facility would be subject to relevant planning and environmental approvals.