Our Executive Committee

​​The Executive Committee of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) coordinates strategies and operations to deliver a Sustainable Tasmania, as described ​in the NRE Tas Strategic Plan.​

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Secretary and those reporting directly to the Secretary. 


​Jason Jacobi​

Jason Jacobi is the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas), where he leads more than 1,500 staff who are responsible for delivering a sustainable Tasmania. 

The Department comprises Primary Industries and Water (including the Office of Racing Integrity); Biosecurity Tasmania; Marine Resources; Forest policy; Environment; Heritage; Lands Tasmania; Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service; and Strategy and Business Services.

Jason holds statutory responsibility as the Director General of Lands and the Director of National Parks and Wildlife, along with responsibility for the oversight and performance of 31 statutory bodies, trusts, boards and councils, including the Inland Fisheries Service, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Forest Practices Authority, Private Forests Tasmania and the Waste and Recovery Board. 

Chief Operations Officer

Vanessa Pinto​

Vanessa Pinto is the Chief Operations Officer of the Department of NRE Tas, where she leads the Strategy and Business Services division and provides corporate support and services to independent authorities including the Inland Fisheries Service, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Forest Practices Authority, Private Forests Tasmania, the Waste and Recovery Board and the Environment Protection Authority. 

Overseeing the Department’s strategy to deliver a sustainable Tasmania, the Strategy and Business Services division provides services across key functions such as people and culture, finance, digital and data services, emergency and asset management, strategic projects and policy, strategic communications, governance, and legal and administrative services.
With portfolio ministerial accountabilities across Primary Industries and Water, Environment, Heritage, Racing, Parks and Resources (Forestry), Vanessa oversees the delivery and performance of ministerial support and services.  

Vanessa Pinto in an experienced executive leader across the public and private sector leading strategy, marketing, transformational change, operations and corporate functions.​

Chief People Officer

Namidja McKenzie​

Namidja McKenzie is the Chief People Officer where she leads the People and Culture function for the department. Her team’s purpose is to enable a Sustainable Tasmania by ensuring the right people are in the right roles for now and the future and that NRE Tas staff are safe, capable and engaged. 

The People and Culture team provides embedded People and Performance partnering services supported by central Work Health, Safety and Wellbeing; Recruitment and Employment Services; Organisational Development; Workplace Relations; and Payroll and Reporting teams.

Namidja is an experienced Human Resources executive, leading transformational change across a broad range of industries in both the private and public sector. 

Deputy Secretary Parks and Wildlife Service

Sophie Muller PSM ​

Sophie Muller is the Deputy Secretary of Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS), which promotes and protects the state’s world-renowned parks and reserve system. 
PWS manages over 800 reserves and 19 National Parks, representing more than 50 per cent of Tasmania’s land mass.

It provides high-quality visitor experiences that are a major drawcard for visitors each year and oversees a significant portfolio of assets, including the administration of licences and leases for conducting business on crown land.

Sophie has extensive experience across the State Service in a range of areas including tourism, climate change, public health and emergency management. 

Deputy Secretary Primary Industries and Water

Deidre Wilson​

Deidre Wilson is Deputy Secretary of the Primary Industries and Water, which includes the strategic business units of Biosecurity Tasmania; Marine Resources; Agriculture, Forestry and Water; and the Office of Racing Integrity.

The services provided by Biosecurity Tasmania encompass pre-border, border and post border activities to maintain Tasmania’s relative freedom from pests and diseases by excluding, eradicating or effectively managing exotic pests and diseases, invasive animals and weeds.

Marine Resources supports the orderly and sustainable development and management of the Tasmanian aquaculture industry and develops and implements management policies and plans for Tasmania’s commercial, recreational and Aboriginal cultural fisheries. The Agriculture, Forestry and Water unit provides leadership in agricultural policy development, supervision of poppy and hemp crops, and water resource management, and forestry resource policy and management.

​Deputy Secretary Environment Heritage and Land

Louise Wilson

Louise Wilson is the Deputy Secretary of Environment Heritage and Land, which includes the strategic business units of Environment; Waste and Resource Recovery; Analytical Services Tasmania; and Heritage and Land Tasmania. 

The Environment Heritage and Land Division provides policies, programs and services to support: 
  • the sustainable use, conservation and management of the State’s unique natural values and environment, and historic cultural heritage;  

  • the reduction of waste and promotion of resource recovery to support the transition to a circular economy; 

  • human and environmental health through analytical chemistry and algal testing; and 

  • informed and legally secure land and property dealings in Tasmania, including through data and services relating to land titles, maps, property sales, surveys and valuations.

Louise has extensive experience in the Tasmanian public sector, including more than 10 years working as a senior executive in the areas of environment, climate change, historic and Aboriginal cultural heritage, and strategic policy.