Gender Equality Action Plan

In October 2016, the DPIPWE Executive Committee endorsed the DPIPWE Gender Equality Action Plan (the Plan). The Plan was largely developed through extensive consultation and direct input from our employees. This document sets out an action plan that focused on a range of practical solutions and key action areas to improve gender equality in the Department.
A diverse and inclusive workplace is important not just for reasons of equity and fairness, but also for improving organisational performance. The Plan was designed to support DPIPWE to become a more inclusive workplace where regardless of gender, our employees are valued, respected, supported and have access to the same opportunities and resources.

Over a period of 18 months, the Plan was delivered by a dedicated Project Team. Some great progress was made during this time, the results of which include improvement in overall employee gender balance, an increase in the proportion of management positions held by women, and a reduction in the average salary gap between women and men.

Though the Project has now concluded, in recognition that there is more to be done and that cultural change is a process that takes time, DPIPWE is continuing a range of work to support gender equality, which is to be delivered as part of its broader diversity and inclusion work.


The Plan is available for download:

  DPIPWE Gender Equality Action Plan   (848Kb)