Statistical and Other Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Statistical and other information relating to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania will be published on this page when available.​​

Employment and workplace statistics

Employment and workplace statistics for the Department are available on the Tasmanian State Service Management Office website​

Senior Executiv​e Service details

SES details for the Department are available on the Tasmanian State Service website.

Expenditure relating to​ telecommunications and mobile devices

​​1 Jul​​y 2022 - 31 December​ 2022
​Fixed phone lines/calls
​Mobile phone/data costs

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy and Procedures

The Department's Policy is available below:

  Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Policy   (394Kb)

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register​​


  January to March 2017   (36Kb)

  April to June 2017   (32Kb)


  July to September 2017   (32Kb)

  October to December 2017   (31Kb)

  January to March 2018   (31Kb)

  April to June 2018   (60Kb)


  July to September 2018   (33Kb)

  October to December 2018   (32Kb)

  January to March 2019   (33Kb)

  April to June 2019   (32Kb)


  July to September 2019   (28Kb)

  October to December 2019   (53Kb)

  January to March 2020   (57Kb)

  April to June 2020   (64Kb)


  July to September 2020   (55Kb)​

  October to December 2020   (97Kb)​​

  January to March 2021   (102Kb)

  April to June 2021 (PDF 102Kb)​


 July to September 2021 (PDF 98Kb)

 October to December 2021(PDF 49Kb)​

 January - March 2022 (PDF 95Kb)​

 April - June 2022 (PDF 95Kb)​


 July - September 2022 (PDF 96Kb)​​

 October - December 2022 (PDF 114Kb)​​

 January - March 2023 (PDF 24Kb)​

Major contracts and consultancies awarded by NRE

All major contracts and consultancies awarded by the Department can be found on the Tasmanian Government's Tenders website. ​