Routine Disclosures

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania

Annual Report
​NRE​ Tas Annual Report
Right to Information Disclosure Log
​Right to Information disclosures released
Whole of Agency Information
​Gift and benefits reporting, expenditure reporting

Agriculture and Water​​​​​

Agricultural Facts and Figures
​Facts and figures

Agriculture Licensing and Permits​
​Information about licences and permits for crop protection, industrial hemp and poppies
Environmental Flow Assessments Reports
​​​Environmental flow assessments
Field mapped land capability maps​Land capability maps and reports
Freshwater data
​​Freshwater data – river flows and lake levels
Groundwater Information Access Portal 
Groundwater information​
State of Rivers Report
​State of Rivers Report
Water Information Tasmania Web Portal
​​Water Information Tasmania Web Portal - Various reporting and data on Tasmania’s freshwater resources​
​Wildlife Management - Wildlife Exports

​​Annual reports on previous year's activities and quota reports for following year of wildlife exports

Biosecurity Tasmania

Release of Rabbit Calicivirus
Link to Rabbitscan website with distribution data
Tasmanian Biosecurity Advisories
Public information notices on biosecurity issues
Veterinary Board of Tasmania
​Annual Report & bi-annual newsletters

Inland Fi​​sheries

IFS Stocking Database​
Inland Fisheries Service Trout Stocking Database
Inland Fisheries Anglers Reports
​Inland Fisheries quarterly reports to anglers​
Performance Assessment Reports
​Inland Fisheries Fishery Performance Assessment reports

Land Tas​​mania

Statistical and Other Information
​Statistical and other information relating to Land Tasmania
The List
​​Land Information System Tasmania – Access to LISTMap, land titles and various spatial information reporting and data

Mari​​​ne Resources

Commercial Sea Fishing St​atistics
​​Commercial sea fishing seasons and catch statistics​
Recreational Sea Fishing Seasons
​Recreational sea fishing seasonal information
Sea Fishing Area Restrictions
Sea fishing area restrictions
Tasmanian Salmon Farming Data​
​​Regulatory data for the main finfish producers

Natur​​al & Cultural Heritage

Nature Conservation Reports
​​Reports of various surveys, assessments and research
​​Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania​
​Dial Before You Dig referrals, assessments and permit applications
Heritage Tasmania - Statistical and Other Information
Statistical and other information relating to Heritage Tasmania
Tasmanian Heritage Cou​ncil Annual Report​
Statistics on Tasmanian historic heritage

Wildlife spotlight Summary
​Report published annually on wildlife spotlight surveys

Office of Racing Integrity​

Breeders and Suspensions
Lists of thoroughbred breeders and suspensions
Notice of Disqualifications, Warned Off and Forfeits/Defaulters List
​Regularly updated list of restricted persons
Racing Stewards (Greyhound) Reports
Steward race reports for greyhound racing
Racing Stewards (Harness) Reports
Steward race reports for harness racing
Racing Stewards (Thoroughbred) ​Reports
Steward race reports for thoroughbred racing
Stewards Inquiries Decisions
List of current and completed inquiries and outcomes

​​Parks a​​nd Wildlife Service

Crown Land for Sale
​​Information relating to Crown Land for sale
​Management Plans, Site Plans and Other Publicatio​ns​ ​List of statutory and non-statutory management plans, site plans, walking track management strategies, evaluation reports
Visitor Research and St​atistics
​Visitor statistics for Tasmania's national parks and reserves

Tasmania​​n Dairy Industry Authority

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority
​Annual report