Reservation of Future Potential Production Forest Land

​​The Tasmanian Government is committed to reserve areas of land currently classed as Future Potential Production Forest Land (FPPF Land) which is Crown land, and Permanent Timber Production Zone Land (PTPZL) within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA).

This is outlined in the Strategic Management Statement attached to the TWWHA Management Plan 2016.

Proposed additions to the Mole Creek Karst National Park​

The Government has announced its support of an expansion to the Mole Creek Karst National Park by reserving into this important national park an additional 2,850 hectares (approximately) of current FPPF land. 

This area contains outstanding natural geological values, and its inclusion will consolidate what is currently a fragmented National Park, improving natural values protection and management efficiency within the Mole Creek Karst National Park.

The proposed expansion of the Mole Creek Karst National Park will include an area of land known as Solomons Dome, which contains the catchment of the internationally significant Kubla Khan Cave. 

The expansion will also include land that sits to the south of Solomons Dome and is sandwiched between three parcels of existing Mole Creek Karst National Park. This land contains a suite of karst landforms including rare cave formations not currently captured in the national park.

The remaining parcels of FPPF land, consisting of approximately 22,550 hectares are proposed for approval in the reserve class of either conservation area or regional reserve. This is a significant contribution to the Tasmanian Reserve Estate under the Nature Conservation Act 2002. 

 Map showing proposed reserve classifications for FPPF land (PDF 4Mb)

Table: Propos​​ed reserves​

Lot numberCPRProposed name
10610431Dove River Regional Reserve
10710432Dove River Regional Reserve
10810433Dove River Regional Reserve
10910434Borradaile Regional Reserve
11010435February Plains Regional Reserve
11110436Central Plateau Conservation Area
11110437February Plains Regional Reserve
11110438Central Plateau Conservation Area
11210439Mole Creek Karst National Park
112 Southern10440 – will require amendmentDivide: Mole Creek Karst National Park and Mersey River Conservation Area
11310441Dogs Head Hill Regional Reserve
12510442Great Western Tiers Conservation Area
126 Western x210443Great Western Tiers Conservation Area
126 Eastern10444Quamby Bluff Conservation Area
128 Small Western10445Liffey Conservation Area
128 Large Eastern10446Great Western Tiers Conservation Area
12910448 and 10447Great Western Tiers Conservation Area
24110449Southwest Conservation Area
24210449Southwest Conservation Area
24510450Stringybark Conservation Area

The TWWHA Management Plan 2016 contains a suite of general management provisions to protect the Outstanding Universal Values of the TWWHA. As well, the plan contains actions specific to the new reserve areas, which include prohibiting both the harvesting of special species timbers and mineral exploration and extraction.​

The reservation of this land does not preclude any future consideration of land return to the Tasmanian Aboriginal People.

The approval of both Houses of Parliament is required before the Governor can declare the land to be reserved.

Public co​​nsultation

Public feedback was sought on the proposed locations of ​Future Potential Production Forest Land reserves. The public consultation period ran for eight weeks from February to April 2021.

Individual submissions and a consultation report summarising the submissions are available on the page, Public Submissions - Reservation of ​Future Potential Production Forest Land.

Further inf​​ormation

Further information about the reserving of future potential production forest land can be found on the frequently asked questions page.



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