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​​​After 12 Years as a Volunteer Pip Burke is leaving!

​Well it's a HUGE thanks to you and a farewell from me to those I have shared the volunteer space with for the last 12 years. My apologies for disappearing off the scene unexpectedly, in 2020. I was very grateful to have extended leave that allowed me to care for my family (Stay Chatty).

You have all been an inspiration to me in my time as PWS Volunteer Facilitator. Huge respect and thanks for your hard work, skills and expertise, passion and commitment. I so appreciated the fun times  and the sense of community I experienced. I have resigned from my PWS position. I'm now studying to be a TRTP practitioner providing support to people in our community experiencing stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, by way of giving back and assisting those less fortunate than myself. I'm also a 2IC worker with my ​​​​​             husband on a big boat building project. 

So wishing you all the very best. Maybe, I'll bump into you as a volunteer sometime.  Feel free to visit us on Bruny Island if you are going by or be in touch via wildhoneycps3@gmail.com​

Handstands in celebration of life.

Cheers Pip


Media Releases

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Parks and Wildlife Service: 

Winner! Jasmine Power, Volunteering Tasmania 2020 Volunteer Award for Arts, Heritage, Tourism and Events

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

A dedicated group of volunteers assist the Seedbank in running germination testing - an article for the Australian Network for Plant Conservation, James Wood, Manager Seedbank.

Natural​ and Cultural Heritage Division: 

Michael and Sally instrumental in on-ground monitoring as part of the Orange-bellied parrot recovery team​

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