2018 Review of GMO Moratorium

​​​​​​​The 2018 Review of Tasmania's genetically modified organisms (GMO) moratorium concluded in August 2019.

The Final Report to the Review is now available:

  GMO Final Report   (593Kb)

Review Pr​ocess

The review examined the potential marketing impacts of extending or amending the moratorium, or allowing it to expire. It considered:
  • The potential market advantages and disadvantages of allowing or not allowing the use of gene technology in Tasmanian primary industries, including food and non-food sectors
  • Domestic and international gene technology policy relevant to primary industries
  • Research and development relevant to the use of gene technology in primary industries
  • Any other relevant matters raised during the review. 
​The focus of the review was on the trade and marketing considerations associated with the GMO moratorium, the experience in other jurisdictions, and any gene technology developments that may warrant a reconsideration of the moratorium now or in the future.

In March 2019 the Department released an Issues Paper and invited submissions:


GMO Moratorium Review

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