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Agricultural and veterinary chemicals play a vitally important role in primary production by protecting crops and livestock from unwanted weeds, pests and diseases. This in turn leads to greater productivity, improved quality and increased competitiveness in the market place. However, the misuse of such chemicals can result in risks to human and animal health, the environment and trade relations. Consequently, users of agricultural and veterinary chemicals have a responsibility to ensure that they implement good practices when using agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

This website contains information that will guide you in the safe, responsible and effective use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals:

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Fertiliser Legislation:
- Fertilizers Act 1993
Fertilizers Regulations 2005

Legislation restricting access to Security-Sensitive Dangerous Substances (SSDS) came into effect in Tasmania from 21 November 2005. The first substance to be regulated by this legislation is Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate (SSAN) because of its history of use by terrorists and concerns about its ready availability.


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