Small Amount Chemical Spraying

For the purposes of Regulation 8 of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Regulations 1996, a "small amount" means any amount of an agricultural chemical product that is registered, packaged and labelled for use as a home garden product in Tasmania. This applies where a product is purchased, stored and handled in packages which are approved for home garden use.

If you provide a service for fee or reward which involves some spraying, but the spraying is only incidental to the main service you deliver and you only spray a small amount of agricultural chemical product, you do not need to hold a Commercial Operator Licence. To qualify for this exemption, you must purchase, store and handle the products in the containers in which they were sold for home garden use.

Home garden products are registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and labelled in accordance with the Code of Practice for Labelling Home Garden and Domestic Pest Control Products. They are made available to the general public from nurseries and gardening/hardware stores.

Some examples of products that are registered for home garden use are shown below.

Examples of Home Garden Products:


Chemspray Clear White Oil Insecticide200 and 500 ml packs
Mortein Fly and Insect Killer250 and 350 ml packs
Hortico Carbaryl Tomato Dust500 gram pack
Confidor Garden Insecticide25 gram pack
Yates Pyrethrum Insecticide200 and 500 ml packs
Defender Pellets Snail & Slug Killer500 gram and 1 kg packs


Roundup Herbicide1 litre pack
Brunnings Glyphosate 360 Weed Killer1 litre pack
Garden King Multiweed200 and 500 ml packs
Manutec Weeder and Feeder2 litre pack
Yates Zero Weedspray Concentrate200 ml and 1 litre packs
Yates Once-a-Year Pathweeder200 and 500 gram packs
Multicrop Weed Killer Concentrate200, 240 and 500 ml packs
The Green Gardner Weed Spray750 ml pack
Brunnings Feed & Weed for Lawns5, 10, 12 and 20 kg packs
Brunnings Lawn Food Plus Bindii Destroyer2 litre hose on pack


Yates Triforine Rose Fungicide500 ml pack
RichGro Mancozeb Plus Fungicide150 gram pack
Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray250 gram pack

The above list is not exhaustive. There are a number of other products that are also registered for home garden use that may be just as effective as the products shown.

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