Poisons and Animal Pests

Section 8A(1) of the Animal Welfare Act 1993 states that "The Minister is to establish and maintain a register of kinds or classes of animals which are pests". Subsection (2) goes on to specify that "The Minister, after consulting with the Advisory Committee, may enter into, or remove from, the register - (a) the kind or class of animal which is a pest; and (2) injurious drugs, toxic substances and noxious substances that may be administered or otherwise used to control such an animal of such a kind or class".

The Pest Register (below) was created on the 17 September 2008 by the former Minister for Primary Industries and Water, David Llewellyn. This register is updated when the current Minister approves a new use for a poison.
  Pest Register   (77Kb)

It is important to note that any use of poisons on animals outside of this Register is an offence under section 8(2)(h)(vi) of the Animal Welfare Act 1993.


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