Security-Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate - What are my Options?

​Legislation restricting access to Security-Sensitive Dangerous Substances (SSDS) came into effect in Tasmania from 21 November 2005. The first substance to be regulated by this legislation is Security-Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate (SSAN) because of its history of use by terrorists and concerns about its ready availability.

Security-Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate was banned for agricultural purposes in Tasmania from 21 November 2005.

The transitional period for disposal of SSAN has now passed. You can now be penalised (fined) for the possession of Security-Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate (SSAN).

Security-Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate​Fertilisers​​

Security-Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate relates to all fertilisers that contain more than 45% ammonium nitrate.

Security-Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate fertilisers include:

  • Ammonium Nitrate (Nitram);

  • Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (Cal-Am); and

  • Blends containing more than 45% Nitram or 56% Cal-Am.

These products are not presently marketed by either of the major fertiliser suppliers in Tasmania, Impact Fertilisers or Incitec Pivot.

Ammonium sulphate Nitrate (Incitec Pivot N-Sure) is not classified as SSAN, as it contains 40% ammonium nitrate and 60% ammonium sulphate.

If you are unsure whether your fertiliser is a SSAN, please contact your local fertiliser representative for further advice.

Disposing of Existing Stocks​

If you have existing stocks of Nitram, Cal-Am or any other SSAN fertiliser, there are 2 options available to farmers:

  1. Spread as fertiliser on to your pastures or crops.

  2. Contact Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) on 1300 368 550 for advice on disposal of large quantities of SSAN.

Alternative Fertilisers​

Tasmania's major fertiliser suppliers, Impact Fertilisers and Incitec Pivot, have already withdrawn all SSAN products from sale in Tasmania. 

The following is a list of alternative solid fertilisers they have available:

​Fertiliser​​ Compound

Nitrogen %​



Ammonium sulphate nitrate (N-Sure)26Y
Sulphate of ammonia20.2 - 21YY

Urea, N-Sure and sulphate of ammonia are also available in blends.

Urea is the most economical source of nitrogen and therefore the most commonly used nitrogen fertiliser.

More information​

An information package is available through a number of sources including selected agricultural merchandise outlets, NRE Tas discussion groups and via the NRE Tas Freecall number 1300 368 550.

The package includes information on: 

  • what fertilisers are affected

  • options for disposal

  • what alternative fertilisers are available

The brochure and fact sheet are available below:

 Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate Brochure (PDF 212Kb)

 Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate Fact Sheet (PDF 116Kb)​

Participating Organisations​

The State Security Office, the Department, and WorkSafe Tasmania have joined forces with Incitec Pivot and Impact Fertilisers to produce this information package for Tasmanian rural producers.

For enquiries regarding the Security-Sensitive Dangerous Substances (SSDS) legislation and permits for the use of Security-Sensitive Dangerous Substances for non-agricultural purposes, contact WorkSafe Tasmania on 1300 366 322.

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