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Information and updates for Tasmanians regarding the National Livestock Identification Scheme

LPA NVD change

Recent changes to LPA NVD program.

Effective 16 November 2015, the LPA Advisory committee is withdrawing recognition of all versions of LPA NVDs except the most current versions.

The current versions that will remain are:

  • The April 2013 (0413) version for cattle , EU cattle, sheep and lambs and goats
  • The April 2012 (0412) version for bobby calves

For further information go to

New NLIS website:

NLIS Ltd has recently launched a new looking website at

NLIS users can now log into the NLIS database from this website and access a lot of new content about the NLIS from here. Take some time to visit the new website and update your bookmarks from the old address to the new.

New email address for forms and requests:

Please use the following address:​

On-line access to keep your details up-to-date

To update your details on your Property Identification Code (PIC) go to the PIC Registration and Amendments System.

If you don’t have a password, one will be allocated to you. This will keep your email addresses and phone numbers up-to-date and in an emergency situation we will be able to contact you.



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