International Seasonal Workers

​Tasmanian agricultural businesses who are Approved Employers under the Australian Government’s Pacific Australian Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme can apply to the Australian Government to recruit experienced seasonal workers from some overseas locations to supplement the local workforce in critical harvest roles. ​

Approved Employers must demonstrate that they have already attempted to recruit locally and have a critical need for more workers. All Pacific and Timorese workers participating in the PALM scheme have the same workplace rights and protections as Australian workers. Approved Employers have a range of obligations for the health and wellbeing of their workers while in Australia, including providing appropriate accommodation, transport, access to community services and health care. 

If a recruitment proposal is approved by the Australian Government, Tasmanian border entry conditions also apply – check the Tasmanian Government’s coronavirus website for the latest information. 

Refer to the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for guidance on acceptance of foreign vaccination certificates. 

If you are not an Approved Employer, consider approaching a labour hire company that is an Approved Employer ​to recruit workers on your behalf.  

Quarantine fee reimbursement

During 2020 and 2021 international seasonal workers completed hotel quarantine on arrival in Tasmania. The Approved Employer (not the worker) is responsible for meeting the costs of quarantine for each individual worker. 

Once the worker exits hotel quarantine, the Department of Communities Tasmania (DCT) issues an invoice to the seasonal worker’s Approved Employer. Approved Employers may be eligible for reimbursement from Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRET) for any payments made to DCT under this arrangement.

To apply for reimbursement the Approved Employer must:​
  • ensure that the hotel quarantine fees have been paid in full to DCT

  • send a correctly rendered tax invoice to​ with Seasonal Worker Reimbursement clearly identified in the header. Each invoice may relate to one or more seasonal worker’s quarantine costs​

  • each invoice must have nil GST (quarantine fees are exempt from GST)

  • the name of each seasonal worker, or each DoC invoice number, for which a reimbursement is being sought must be clearly identified on the invoice

  • additional information to support the claim may also be provided (optional).

NRET will promptly assess and process payments for each invoice received which complies with the above requirements. 

Through the process there may be a need to clarify or request further supporting documentation. NRET can only process a reimbursement if the Approved Employer has made the corresponding payment to DoC. 

Please contact Alison Lonergan at for any queries relating to the reimbursement process.