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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Game Services Tasmania (GST)​ manages all issues relating to hunting, game and browsing animals in Tasmania.  GST focuses on supporting landholders, farmers and hunters to effectively manage game and browsing animal issues relating to the hunting and primary ​​industry sectors.

Tasmanian Game Council

The Tasmanian Game Council is an independent advisory body providing advice to the Minister for Primary Industries and Water and the Government on game and browsing animal management and hunting in Tasmania. 

The Council was established in 2018 with the tenure of members appointed at that time expiring in December 2021.  

The Minister subsequently sought public expressions of interest for Council members for the three-year period commencing in July 2022.

Membership of the 2022 Tasm​​anian Game Council:

Chairman: Mr Greg Hall


  • Mr Nathan Cox

  • Mr Peter Ball

  • Ms Mary Knowles

  • Mr Scott Flude

  • Mr Edward Gibson

  • Mr Jean-Paul Morice

  • Dr Bruce Jackson

  • Associate Professor Julianne O’Reilly-Wapstra

  • Mr Thomas Beuke

Terms of Reference for the 2022 Tasmanian Game Council:

New study investigating t​he economic and social value of hunting and shooting

A study into the economic and social value of recreational hunting and sporting shooting to Tasmania is being undertaken.

The study delivers on a key commitment under the Protecting the Tasmanian Way of Life of Recreational Hunting 2021 election policy.

The Study is being conducted by an independent research group (BDO EconSearch & Action Market Research) who have undertaken similar studies. The study assesses the social and economic contribution made by recreational hunters and sporting shooters.

Various industry associations  had input into the strategic direction of the study and many hunters and shooters contributed to the survey part of it.

The study report is expected to be released in the second half of 2023.​

Homebased game ​​meat processing

As part of the Protecting the Tasmanian Way of life of Recreational Hunting Policy the government has developed a homebased game meat processing course to be delivered through TasTAFE.  

The course will provide participants with skills in carcase and meat preparation to produce a range of products including sausages, hamburgers and smoked meats.  

People with a current Tasmanian hunting licence can participate in the six-hour course at the half price subsidised cost of $205.  

Click here for more information including course dates, locations and enrolment details 

Cooking w​​ith game meat

To complement the homebased game meat processing course TasTAFE is also offering an evening course at a cost of $175 to learn how to get the best eating experience from preparing and cooking game meats.  

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