Tasmanian Game Council

​The Tasmanian Game Council is an independent advisory body providing advice to the Minister for Primary Industries and Water and the Government on game and browsing animal management and hunting in Tasmania. 

The Council was established in 2018 with the tenure of members appointed at that time expiring in December 2021.  

The Minister subsequently sought public expressions of interest for Council members for the three-year period commencing in July 2022.

Membership of the 2022 Tasm​​anian Game Council:


  • Mr Greg Hall


  • Mr Nathan Cox

  • Mr Peter Ball

  • Ms Mary Knowles

  • Mr Scott Flude

  • Mr Edward Gibson

  • Mr Jean-Paul Morice

  • Dr Bruce Jackson

  • Associate Professor Julianne O’Reilly-Wapstra

  • Mr Thomas Beuke​

Terms of Reference for the 2022 Tasmanian Game Council:

 Tasmanian Game Council Terms of Reference 2022 (PDF 165Kb)