Wild-shot Deer Feasibility Study

​​In 2020 a study was completed to determine the feasibility of a trial for the commercial use of wild shot fallow deer. Further details of the Feasibility Study can be found in the Report:

 Feasibility Study - Trial of Wild-Shot Fallow Deer for Commercial Use (PDF 3Mb)

Some content in the report has been redacted. Currently the Department is working through a process with stakeholders as to whether redacted information is commercial-in-confidence or suitable for public release.

The Tasmanian Government’s “Protecting the Tasmanian Way of Life of Recreational Hunting” policy indicates that the government will not consider the potential wider commercial use and sale of wild shot deer products until the impacts of the many other deer management strategies currently being deployed are evaluated through the implementation of the new Wild Fallow Deer Management Plan​.

Consistent with Tasmanian Government policy, a trial on wild shot fallow deer commercial use will commence on 3 April 2023.


The Tasmanian Government made a number of commitments in response to the 2017 Legislative Council inquiry into wild fallow deer in Tasmania. The complete response can be found in the following document:

One of these responses was to undertake a study to determine the feasibility of a trial for landholders to supply value added wild deer products for the regulated food and restaurant trade.

Through a competitive process Tasmanian firm Community Led Impact Partnerships (CLIP) led by Owen Tilbury was awarded a contract to undertake this work.  

​Study scope and details are included in the Terms of Reference:

  Terms of Reference - Wild-shot fallow deer feasibility study   (201Kb)


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