Draft Biosecurity (SDN-1 Modified Organism) Regulations 2020

​​​​​The public comment period on the draft SDN-1 Modified Organisms Regulations closed on 29 January 2021:

  Draft Biosecurity (SDN-1 Modified Organsims) Regulations 2020   (140Kb)

  SDN-1 Fact Sheet   (326Kb)​

​​Organisms modified using the gene editing technique known as SDN-1 are no longer regulated as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) under the National Gene Technology Scheme. This may create issues for businesses that export to markets where SDN-1 modified organisms continue to be considered GMOs.

To address any potential marketing concerns, the Tasmanian Government has developed regulations to control the commercial release of SDN-1 modified organisms into the Tasmanian environment.

This will ensure that, in Tasmania, these organisms are effectively regulated the same as GMOs in the agri-food sector for marketing purposes, as outlined in the Tasmanian Gene Technology Policy 2019-2029.

The Biosecurity (SDN-1 Modified Organism) Regulations 2020 will regulate the entry of SDN-1 modified organisms to Tasmania and any activities with organisms modified using SDN-1 techniques.​

This will maintain the status quo for businesses that rely on Tasmania’s GMO-free status and ensure that Tasmania continues to be able to confidently trade as GMO-free in markets that are sensitive to SDN-1 modified organisms.

Submissions received​

The review received a total of 11 submissions. These submissions can be viewed at Submissions received in response to the Draft Biosecurity (SDN-1 Modified Organisms) Regulations 2020.