Tasmanian Gene Technology Policy 2019-2029

​​​​​​​The import, use and development of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Tasmania, along with any other dealings, are regulated by numerous laws at both the Commonwealth and State levels.

The Tasmanian Genetically Modified Organisms Control Act 2004 (the Act) provides the basis for the State's GMO moratorium and regulates dealings with GMOs for ‘marketing purposes’.

Tasmania has a moratorium in place until 16 November 2029.

The Tasmanian Gene Technology Policy 2019-2029 outlines how the moratorium is implemented:

  Tasmanian Gene Technology Policy 2019-2029   (193Kb)

The Tasmanian Gene Technology Guidelines describe the dealings that may be authorised under the Act and Policy:

  Tasmanian Gene Technology Guidelines 2019   (344Kb)

Monitori​ng ​​and R​eview

There will be regular reviews of developments in gene technology, markets and consumer sentiment for the duration of the moratorium which can trigger a review should developments warrant it. 

In addition to the full 2018 Review of the GMO moratorium (see below), environmental scans on developments in gene technology and market changes have also been undertaken:.

2018 Revie​​w of ​​​​​the GMO Moratorium​

The r​eview of Tasmania's GMO moratorium concluded in August 2019.

The Final Report to the Review is available:

Review ​​Pr​oce​ss

The review examined the potential marketing impacts of extending or amending the moratorium, or allowing it to expire. It considered:
  • The potential market advantages and disadvantages of allowing or not allowing the use of gene technology in Tasmanian primary industries, including food and non-food sectors
  • Domestic and international gene technology policy relevant to primary industries
  • Research and development relevant to the use of gene technology in primary industries
  • Any other relevant matters raised during the review. 
​The focus of the review was on the trade and marketing considerations associated with the GMO moratorium, the experience in other jurisdictions, and any gene technology developments that may warrant a reconsideration of the moratorium now or in the future.

In March 2019 the Department released an Issues Paper and invited submissions:


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