​​​​​​​​Agriculture is an exciting growth industry with diverse career opportunities.

To showcase this diversity we have developed the six videos below. The purpose of these videos is to:

  • demonstrate the different career opportunities in Tasmanian agribusiness 
  • raise the profile of the food and agriculture sectors in Tasmania 

If you would like more information about a future in agriculture you can visit our Harvest Jobs webpage​, or the Career Harvest website.

(NOTE: These videos were created a few years ago. People shown in the video may or may not be still in these positions.)

Mike Henry:  Mike works in Macquarie Oil Company in Northern Tasmania. His passion is biotechnology and he is utilising his biology skills in the production of biodiesel from poppy seed oil and the production of organic compost.


Curly Haslem-Coates: Curly originates from the United Kingdom. She developed a passion for wine and cellar door education through her work in restaurants. Curly wanted to know more, seeking out further training and building on her career she travelled to Tasmania to work with world class wineries. 

Joe Bennett: Joe found his passion for seafood also supported his passion for local community when he used his experience with Tasmanian aquaculture to develop his own business in his home community of Bruny Island. Joe created "Get Shucked" and through marketing skills has established a well known business offering a unique brand promoting the nutritional and health benefits of his natural product and the pleasurable experience derived by eating oysters.

Melissa Lewarn: Melissa began her career as a journalist before transferring her communication skills into the natural resource management area as a community engagement and communication specialist. Melissa showcases the important role that communication and community involvement has with good environmental management and stewardship. 

Rosie Houston: Rosie completed an agricultural science degree to fulfill her interest in agronomy and plant health. She found herself providing agronomy services for one of Tasmania's largest salad producers.


Simon Elphinstone: After finishing school, Simon wanted to take a gap year before heading to University and obtained a job at Fonterra. After the year was up, Simon was offered an opportunity for Fonterra to sponsor him through a dairy technology degree. Twelve years later he was the production manager at Fonterra overseeing the production of milk and cheese products that go all over the world. Simon's story shows how getting in there and having a go can lead to opportunities you never imagined would come your way.


Further information

​A degree in Agriculture opens the door to a diverse range of careers.  For more information on courses and career opportunities follow the link to the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture Study page​.​​​​

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