Extension Accelerator

​​The Extension Accelerator Pilot Program was a partnership between Government, industry and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) that provides the opportunity to:​
  • fast track development of young, agricultural extension professionals
  • add value to Tasmanian businesses
  • develop Tasmanian agribusinesses as an employer of choice

About Ext​ension Accelerator

T​he Extension Accelertor Pilot Program ran for 18 months from March 2020 to September 2021. 

The objective of the of the Extension Accelerator Pilot ​Program was to build extension capabilities within the Tasmanian agrifood sector.

To hear about the Pilot program for the participants and leaders watch the Youtube Video - Extension Accelerator Program

The diagram below summarises the program content and what it delivered f​or participants:

​Background infor​​m​ation

​​​​​The White Paper Growing Tasmanian Agriculture: Research, Development and Extension for 2050 included an action to establish a new pilot Agricultural Graduate Partnership Program within the Agricultural Systems Centre in TIA and with a specific focus on extension. 

The program was launched on 25 October 2019 when industry was invited to provide input to the design of the Program. The final Program content reflected and incorporated input from industry.

Documents for the 2020-21 Pilot program include:

Next Steps

A report of the Pilot Program is being prepared for review via the TIA Advisory Board. 

TIA will be working with industry stakeholders to determine the next steps for the Extension Accelerator Program​​