Farm Business Resilience Program

​​​​​​​​​About Farm Business Resilience

The Farm Business Resilience Program subsidises learning and development opportunities for farmers, farm managers, and employees – focused on improving strategic farm management capabilities that lead to making better decisions, more often.​

What do I get?

Designed for all enterprises large and small, this program is ideal for:
  • Providing business coaching to improve your confidence in making business decisions and managing farm risk.
  • Giving you the knowledge and tools needed to get the most out of your farming business.
  • Helping you develop strategies and actions on how to manage risks and progress opportunities.
  • Offering new skills and techniques to build your own personal resilience, to help you focus on the opportunities and be equipped to deal with challenges.

How is it delivered?

A combination of group training and individual coaching to develop or update a farm business plan tailored to suit your own agribusiness, risks and situation. 
Your plan will cover the relevant issues for you in the areas of:
  • finance and business; 
  • people and culture; 
  • natural resource and asset management; and 
  • climate sustainable practices. 
  • Sustainable irrigation and farm safety is also a focus for the program in Tasmania. 

Dairy Farmers –Dairy Australia’s Our Farm Our Plan is available to Tasmanian dairy farmers on the  DairyTas website​

All other Industries – Further information on upcoming programs and training providers will be available soon. Please register your interest now (details below).   

​Delivery methods are tailored to your needs to ensure that the coaching and learning are available no matter where you are. 

What does it cost?

Dairy farmers are encouraged to contact DairyTas for details of co-contributions.
For commodities other than dairy, an up-front co-contribution of $550 (including GST) is required, with the remainder of the training costs covered by the Farm Business Resilience Program. 

Where can I get more information?

For more information and to​ register your interest in the program:
Call the NRE Tasmania FarmPoint team on 1300 292 292 
The FBR program is supported by the Tasmanian Government and the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund​.