Tips and Strategies - Dry Conditions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How to manage issues on your property when experiencing dry seasonal conditions.​ Some information may be from other states however it is still relevant to many Tasmanian conditions.


  Extremely dry conditions useful information   (225Kb)​ DPIPWE

  Managing animals in extremely dry conditions   (257Kb) DPIPWE

  Livestock Alert   (131Kb) Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (a few livestock hazards that could cause serious health issues for sheep and cattle)

Dairying​ and Drought, Department of Primary Industries NSW

Dairy Farming through the Drought, DairyNZ

Dairy Farming out of the Drought, DairyNZ

Confinement feeding of Cattle in Drought, Department of Primary Industries NSW

Drought​ Feeding and Management of Beef Cattle, Agriculture Victoria

Drought Feedin​g and Management of Sheep, Agriculture Victoria

  Managing Sheep in Droughtlots - A Best Practice Guide   (646Kb) Australian Wool Innovation

  Which Sheep Do I Keep - A Guide for Sheep Producers in Drought   (457Kb) Australian Wool Innovation

Containment Feeding of Sheep, Sheep Connect South Australia

Making Mo​re From Sheep tool​s​, Meat and Livestock Australia

Lifetime Ewe Managem​ent, Lifetime Wool

Drought Feeding & Management of Horses​, Agriculture Victoria

Cost of Production Calculator, Meat and Livestock Australia 

Condition Scoring Livestock​, Classing and Culling, Meat and Livestock Australia  

Planning for Tough Seasons: Restocking Strategies​, Meat and Livestock Australia

Drought Recovery, Department of Primary Industries NSW​​

Pasture Control Tool​, Derwent Pasture Network, Tasmania


Managing Water in the Dry, Meat and Livestock Australia

​​​Stock Water - A Limited Resource, Australian Wool Innovation

Water Req​uirements for Sheep and Cattle, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Managing Farm Water Supplies in Drought, Department of Primary Industries Victoria

Feed and Fodder

​​​​​​​​  Fodder and Feed donations in extreme dry conditions   (68Kb) Tasmanian Government

Drought and Supplementary Feed Calculator​  New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

  Feed Tests Can Save Money   (157Kb) Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

  Managing Fodder Prices for Droughts - A Sheep Producers Guide   (416Kb) Australian Wool Innovation

  Feed Budget Tables for Drought/Dry Conditions in Southern Australia   (220Kb) Lifetime Wool

Understand the Feed Value of Selected Foodstuffs​, Agriculture Victoria

Drought ​feeding, Meat and Livestock Australia
TasFodder, Tasmania's Feed and Fodder Register

Dairy Feed Budgeting, Dairy Australia

Tips for Tackling Tough Seasons, Meat and Livestock Australia  

Feed Demand Calculator, Meat and Livestock Australia 

Stocking Rate Calculator, Meat and Livestock Australia

Ring before you bring. Information on importing fodder into Tasmania (03) 6165 3777


Biosecurity for Livestock Owners, Farm Biosecurity

Farm Biosecurity Action Planner, Farm Biosecurity​​

Managing We​eds after a Disaster, Agriculture Victoria

​​Transport - Livestock

Transport Stock across Bass Strait, NRE Tasmania

Transporting Livestock​, Australian Animal Welfare Standards​ and Guidelines

Calculator - Livestock Transport Costs​, NSW Department of Primary Industries


  Managing Native Pastures During Drought   (275Kb) - excerpt from the publication "Managing Tasmanian Native Pastures - a Technical Guide for Graziers" (Chapter 11)
Rainfall to​ Pasture Growth Outlook tool, The long paddock, Queensland Government 

​​​​​​More Beef from Pastures, Meat and Livestock Australia 

Managing Ground Cover​​, Meat and Livestock Australia

Looking After Drought Pastures, Meat and Livestock Australia (link at bottom on page)

​Crops and Horticulture

Salvaging Crops for Fodder, Grain or Grazing - costs and income calculator, ​NSW Department of Primary Industries

Managing Vegetable Crops​ through long dry periods, Agriculture Victoria
Managing Grain Crops​, Climate Kelpie.  A software package developed to help grain growers manage their crop in response to climate variability.


Permits and Regulations for managing wildlife, DPIPWE Wildlife Management

Reporting Concerns regarding Animal Welfare, RSPCA


  Drought - Facing the challenge and managing the risk   (2Mb) a Tasmanian property management tool produced by NRM North and NRM South

Gross Margin tools to understand the impact on your finances, DPIPWE Investing in Irrigation

Property Management Planning - Financial Management Module, TFGA.  These profit and loss and balance sheet tools can assist you to make more informed decisions on the management of your entire farming operation.

Cost of Production, Meat and Livestock Australia