Managing Your Water

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Need to know about how your water licence works? 

Who can take the water and when can it be taken? 

Find out about water flow in your area

Need to know about water available in soil – getting irrigation right?  

Need to know about how much water you need for annual crops? 

Need to know streamflow forecast for the next three months?​

Need to know about Tasmanian Irrigation, w​ater transfers within season and water trading?   

Find out about water quality an​d ground water in your area    

Search for water entitl​​ements​ 

​​​​Irrigation and Water RD&E​​ prog​​rams

Tasmanian farmers and the state's agriculture industry continue to work on priorities for irrigation research, development and extension (RD&E). By connecting into the tools, resources and videos, you can build your knowledge to assist in your preparedness to managing your water resources.  The information includes farming systems decision tools and management options including making informed crop management decisions about plant varieties, fertilisers, irrigation schedulting, rotations, sowing and weeding.​

The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture:​


​Water Requirement ​​Spreadsheet

The Water Requirement Spreadsheet was developed by Macquarie Franklin for the TFGA. This resource is held on the TFGA Project Resources web page under Water Requirement Spreadsheet/Farm Water Audit August 2011​.  There are five tabs within the page: Crop Water Use; Domestic & Processing Use; Existing Storage & Allocation; Bores and other Sources and a Summary table. ​