Strategic Industry Partnership Program - 2023 Round

Applications for the Strategic Industry Partnership Program OPEN 10 June 2023 and CLOSE on 29 September 2023.



The Strategic Industry Partnership Program (SIPP) provides targeted small grants on a co-investment basis to agricultural industry associations and industry peak bodies and organisations as they play a critical role in supporting agri-food industry sectors.

A total of $500,000 is available for SIPP Programs in the 2023 Round with a minimum government investment of $10,000 and as a guide projects are expected to be less than $100,000. Exceptions may be considered for collaborative projects across multiple agricultural industries or with broad industry benefits demonstrated.  

SIPP Projects 

Projects that are aligned with the Tasmania's Sustainable Agri-Food Plan 2019-23, the Competitiveness of Agriculture for 2050 White Paper, and the Rural Water Use Strategy will be well regarded.

Priority areas for this round include:​

  • Helping to address barriers and accelerate sustainable growth within industry; 
  • Preparing our food system and agricultural sector for the future by creating innovative solutions to support industry with climate-smart agricultural practices, reducing waste and improving circular economy and the wise use of water.
  • Improving the health safety and wellbeing within the Tasmanian agricultural sector including supporting localised food systems.
  • Helping agriculture build resilience including support for targeted development of skills and training that are not supported through existing Government programs.

 SIPP Round 2023 Guidelines (PDF 135Kb)

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