The Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural Women's Award

​The Tasmania AgriFutures Rural Women's Award has two categories: 

  • Rural Women's Award
  • Acceleration Grant

How do I appl​y?

The 2024 Awards applications have now closed. 

The AgriFutures Australia website provides important information about:

The Awards are open to all women involved in rural and emerging industries, rural and regional businesses, and rural and regional communities.  Women must be over the age of 18 and must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.  No formal qualifications are required.

You can also connect to AgriFutures Australia Facebook and connect to AgriFutures Twitter.​

Winners and Finalists​​​


​Meet the 2024 Tasmanian Finalists​.  


Meet the 2023 Tasmanian Winner and Finalists​.  Meet the 2023 state/territory Winners​. You can also read the media release​ announcing the 2023 Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural Women's Award Winner.

Meet the previous years ​Winners and Finalists​.

​​​​​What is th​e AgriFutures Rural Women's Award?

​The AgriFutures Rural Women's Award is Australia's leading Award in acknowledging and supporting the essential role women play in rural and emerging industries, businesses, and communities. It:

  • ​recognises, celebrates, and acknowledges exceptional women and their vital contribution

  • provides financial and practical support to implement award winners' visions 

  • celebrates exceptional contribution to rural communities and industry

  • builds skills in industry and leadership 

  • provides important recognition for the value of women in agriculture

Despite its name, the Award is primarily NOT about being the best rural woman - it is about identifying a learning opportunity that you believe will benefit you and your industry.  

Fast Facts​​​

  • Each state and territory winner receives a $15,000 bursary for existing projects, businesses or programs, a $7,500 Learning and Development budget, access to professional development opportunities and alumni networks.

  • The National Winner and Runner Up receive an additional $20,000 and $15,000 respectively.

  • State and territory department representatives provide individuals with guidance and feedback throughout the application process.

  • Previous winners and finalists have the opportunity to join the AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award Alumni.

  • Each state/territory has a Chair and Committee which sit on the selection panel to work alongside applicants and provide support along the way. The committees also work collaboratively with the state and territory agencies and facilitate events for Alumni in their state.

  • ​IN TASMANIA ONLY, finalists receive a Tasmanian Women in Agriculture​ (TWIA) Leadership and Skills Development Bursary as follows:

    • TWiA Encouragement ​Award (runner up) - $2,000

    • TWiA Rural Women's Development Award Finalists - $1,000 each

    Connect to Tasmanian Women in Agriculture Facebook

What is the Acceleration Grant?​​

The  Acceleration Grant aims to provide Australian women with learning and development opportunities, upskilling them so they can bring their idea, cause, or vision to life.

It will run se​parately to the Rural Women's Award; however it will complement the process, aiming to provide a leadership and development opportunity to women who are not quite ready to apply for the Award.

Fast Facts​

  • Seven x $7,000 Acceleration Grants for learning and development are awarded each year.

  • Applicants are required to have an idea, a cause, or a vision in its early stages.

  • The grants are awarded on mer​it, not per State/Territory.

  • Successful Acceleration Grant applicants can apply for the Rural Women's Award in the future.

Key Dates for both categories

12 September 202​​3

​​2023 AgriFutures Rural Women's Award Gala Dinner and National Announcement

​​13 September 2023

2024 Applications open​

25 October 2023

2024 Applications close

October 2023 - March 2024

Interviews take place with the state/territory Selection Panel.  Winners are announced.

​5 April 2024
​2024 Tasmanian Winner announced

​July 2024

State/Territory Winners participate in a three day workshop and National Selection Panel interviews

September 2024

2024 AgriFutures Rural Women's Award Gala Dinner and National Announcement

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Rural Women's Award Coordinator

Sue Weedon
PO Box 46,