2023 Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural Women's Award Finalists

​​​​​​​​Meet the 2023 Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural Women's Awards Finalists.  The state winner will be announced on Wednesday 22 March 2023 and will represent Tasmania at the National Awards in September.

Melissa Duniam 

Melissa Duniam 2023 RWA Finalist

Melissa Duniam           

Melissa is an experienced business operator and down-to-earth leader, with a deep understanding of the value and effects of communication, relationships and dynamics in the workplace. 

Drawing from her experience in the dairy and agricultural industry, Melissa created her business, Leading Rein, which focuses on connecting teams and organisations with horses and exploring strategies for building stronger connections. Her “herds, to horses, are teams, to people” approach enables clients to gain valuable insights and develop interpersonal and leadership skills.

Through her unique ability to understand both human and horse herd dynamics, the location and the programs, she empowers people and teams to realise their personal and collective potential, through meaningful and impactful learning experiences.

Kitana Mansell​ 

​Kitana is a proud palawa women, living in nipaluna / Hobart, Lutruwita / Tasmania. 

Kitana Mansell 2023 RWA

Kitana Mansell            

Kitana has been managing palawa kipli / the first Tasmanian Aboriginal food business for three years, which is owned and operated by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre.

Her passion for native bush foods and culture, has driven her operating business state-wide.  Kitana has developed her modern take on T​asmanian Aboriginal food through catering services and cultural food experiences on country, by showcasing her cultural foods and creating a more sustainable future.​

​Tamar Cordover  

Tamar's academic background is in Geography and Environmental Management and her lived experiences are as a business owner and a woman with disability.

Tamar Cordover 2023 RWA Finalist

Tamar Cordover        

As a rural woman and an entrepreneur, Tamar has identified that many rural women with disabilities are already in proximity to agriculture, some involved in agriculture on their own or their family properties.

Many rural women with disabilities have the capacity to be engaged in agriculture and in micro-enterprise pursuits that earn them an independent income. The missing piece of the puzzle is networks and educational support to get started.

Niara Kipli is a micro-enterprise agricultural pursuit, working to connect and engage rural women with disabilities in micro-enterprise endeavors, to benefit women in agriculture, rural communities and to build the resilience of rural Australia. 

Belle Binder 

Belle Binder 2023 RWA Finalist

Belle Binder              

Belle Binder was born into a low socioeconomic household but, determined to make a better life for herself, worked hard to become a successful businesswoman across multiple businesses and industries.

Belle's path took an unexpected turn when she entered the agricultural industry, supplying workers to farms, and soon discovered that she loved farming.  Belle quickly made a name for herself in the industry through her passion for changing farm workplace cultures, driving higher levels of productivity and positive workplace environments. 

​These efforts have paid off as Belle increases farm sustainability while improving the lives of people working in the agricultural industry.

Belle works tirelessly to change the poor public perception of farming while promoting the value and importance of farm work in the community; attracting higher quality workers to the vocation and creating a positive workplace image for the agricultural industry as a whole.


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